Overuse and misuse of controlled substances

Prescription pain medications have surpassed heroin and cocaine as the leading cause of fatal overdoses per CDC statistics in 2009. 7 million people have admitted to the non-medical use of prescription pain medication. 10% of kids have admitted to using narcotics before the 12th grade, and 59% of those children stated that they received the pills from a family member or friend. It is shocking to hear these statistics and they tell the real story of our society and drug abuse. The stage is being set to have our children exposed and potentially becoming dependent on controlled substances. Who is ultimately responsible for the deaths due to overdose? Where can we intervene to provide a saf

What is a D.O. Physician?

Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) is a physician who has been trained and practices Osteopathic medicine. In addition to their allopathic counterparts (M.D.), a D.O. must obtain a four year bachelor’s degree before entering a four year medical school. Post-graduates choose a speciality to gain additional training. D.O. physicians can be found in every specialty available, however, 60% choose a form of primary care. By training, Osteopathic physicians focus on holistic patient treatment geared towards determining the underlying cause of their symptoms. Another valuable asset D.O. physicians possess is the unique capability of performing manipulations while utilizing a hands on approach to help

How do I know if I am receiving the highest quality medical care?

What determines the quality of medical care? Is it the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan or has it become more about customer service? Our society has evolved into a landscape in which the practice of medicine is an intimate relationship and discussion between the physician and patient. Few diagnoses these days are black and white and many times a specific treatment plan needs to be decided for the individual. Listening closely to what patients are telling you is the key to figuring out the best plan for treatment. The Direct Primary Care model is the key to ensuring this happens correctly. We cannot continue to let insurance companies dictate how much attention a physic

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