Let's Talk About Water Safety!

Swimming is personally my favorite outdoor activity. I’ve competed in swimming since the age of 6 and played water polo while in college. Whether at the neighborhood pool, a friend’s house or the local swim meet... water safety is important wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you are a proficient swimmer or novice, no one is 100% safe from the dangers that are associated with water activities. Here are some tips to remember and follow during this swim season: Never swim alone. It is especially important for kids to have an adult supervise them at all times. Many local pools do NOT have lifeguards. Therefore, it is necessary for an adult to watch their children and family members at

Is It Possible to Productively Travel With Little Ones?

Traveling is stressful, especially if you have kids. I certainly know as a first time mother of a 6-month old. Whether you are going by plane, train, or automobile... the majority of what makes a smooth trip involves entertainment, food, and incidental coverage. Entertainment: This is all dependent on the age of your child, but the premise is the same. Keep your kids busy. Pack plenty of reading materials, coloring books, small games and gasp… the tablet! A lot of parents limit media time but traveling should be an exception. Your trip can be so much more smooth and calm if the kids keep busy. Food: Having plenty of snacks at all times is key to avoiding mini meltdowns. Don't assume

Safety Tips for Spring Break!

Spring break is a short academic break around Easter which is usually a time to enjoy the weather with friends and family or to take a vacation, typically one that involves sun and water. Be sure to remember a few safety tips that you can implement to ensure a healthy and happy spring break. Water: The lake levels are up and so are our spirits. The next time you head to the lake or any water destination, remember water safety. Never swim alone. No matter your swimming level, it is never safe to swim alone in open waters, lakes or pools. Drinking alcohol and swimming don’t mix. If you are going to be drinking alcholic beverages, be sure to do so in moderation and never swim when you are

We Must Cherish Family, Friends, & Other Meaningful Relationships In Our Lives

Watching this precious video which SmugMug offered to produce to help my sister and her family share their story makes me think about my family and all the meaningful relationships I have in my life. As I grow older and wiser, I feel that time goes by much more quickly than before and I am more focused on having quality relationships in my personal and professional life. It used to be that the more friends you have, the more popular you are, which ultimately makes you happier. Right? Not even close. I’ve realized that having meaning to the relationships I have enrich my life and make me appreciate things so much more. After leaving a traditional insurance-based practice, I was able to f

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