The One Diet That Can Cure Most Disease!

Nearly two weeks into the Institute for Functional Medicine approved 'Elimination Diet' and I already feel a world of difference with my body. Is it a placebo or is it actually working? I must say that the first week of the Elimination diet was the most difficult. Cutting out sugar, soy, gluten, egg, dairy, caffeine and alcohol can be challenging since these items are found in the grocery store and most restaurants. Reading labels on packaged items (usually from the Vegan & Gluten Free aisle at HEB) is a must. Pay close attention to ingredients listed in fine print such as cane sugar and corn syrup. Frequent trips to the grocery store are inevitable since the Elimination diet focuses on

Diets! Are Any of Them Actually Healthy?

With a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from UT Austin, I have a very solid foundation of knowledge about the foods we eat and the role which nutrients play for our health. However, in most medical residency programs in the U.S., the focus seems to be on medications for specific diseases rather than avoiding medications altogether through proper eating habits. Since attending the Functional Medicine conference in Austin a few weeks ago, my husband and I have challenged ourselves to have a new relationship with the foods we eat. Since then, we have been eating much cleaner and are already feeling the positive effects of this behavior. As I continue to pursue certification in Functional Medi

What Is Pink Eye & How Do I Treat It?

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as Pink Eye, is a generic term for any inflammation of the top layer of “skin” on the eye itself. There are different causes of pink eye so antibiotics are not necessarily the appropriate treatment option for every case. Most commonly pink eye can be caused by viruses, bacteria and allergies. How does my doctor know what sort of pink eye I have? When you speak with your doctor, they will be asking for other clues to determine the cause of your pink eye. With allergic conjunctivitis, one or both eyes may be affected. The common symptoms are itchy, watery eyes and people typically describe it as a feeling of sand in the eye. You may also get the classic all

You Are What You Eat!

After attending the first day of Functional Medicine continuing education, the take home lesson was to be mindful of what you put in your mouth. “Remove” foods that are causing harm. “Replace” the nutrients which are missing. These are just a few pearls of knowledge I received after 10-hours of lectures. What does this mean for you? You and your doctor can review the medical conditions and concerns you have and discuss what sort of foods you should and should not be eating. Patients who suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions such as asthma, allergies, stomach issues and even metabolic conditions can benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet. Worried that you can’t strictly abide by

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