Sleep! Am I Getting Enough Of It?

Sleep consumes approximately ⅓ of our lives. But this statistic only holds true if we are getting a full 8-hours of sleep each night. What happens if you don’t get a full night’s rest? How can you improve your sleep without having to take a pill every night? Adequate, restful sleep allows our bodies to regenerate from a day of work and stress. Mental, physical and emotional stressors wear down our system and a full 8-hours of sleep allows our bodies to heal. Not having enough sleep limits this healing process and can manifest symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue, mood changes, concentration difficulties and chronic pain conditions. Getting a full night’s rest is easier said than done.

Stress! What Are The Best Ways To Manage It?

I treat patients from all walks of life. Some seem to have it all and not a care in the world while others seem to be consumed by stress. Can we all be so different? Certain stressors we have no control over. Whether it is the angry driver that cut you off on on the highway or a family member that was recently diagnosed with cancer, we cannot completely remove ourselves from all the stress in our lives. Most of “stress relief” is not eliminating stress from our lives altogether but rather “managing stress” in a healthier way. Here are some of the tips that I have implemented with myself and my patients to help better manage stress: Acknowledge that you have a stressor and identify the im

Safety Tips For The Summer!

Planes, trains, automobiles and watercrafts each offer a unique mode of transportation. Whether for work or pleasure, you may need to use one of these methods of travel this summer. Planes can be exciting and a quick way to get to a destination. However, some people may suffer from fear of flying or have a social phobia being around so many other travelers. Planning out your trip to minimize layovers and implementing relaxation techniques can help you get past those phobias. Trains are not readily used in Texas but for people living in large cities such as New York City and Chicago, it's their primary means of transport. Being mindful of your surroundings is a must. Read signs carefully

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