All About Bone Broth: Plus A Sneak Peek Into The Coming Weeks

Soup or broth may not be the first thing you think about making in the hot summer, but it can be a healthy addition to your recipe rotation. If you are here in Austin, it is supposed to rain on and off this week, so it would be a cozy time to make a batch of broth. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing one of my Spanish soup recipes that uses this as a base, as well as how to incorporate sipping broth into an intermittent fasting program. Get this made, freeze some, and you’ll be ready for the next steps. :) What is Bone Broth? Most people are familiar with old school broth or stock. The term “Bone Broth” was started a few years ago, maybe because it sounded good (who doesn’t like a nice al

My Favorite Breathing Exercise & A Simple Mindfulness Technique

Stress can negatively alter the balance of our hormones and neurotransmitters. One of my favorite ways to calm stress, especially acute stress, is by using breathing exercises. Along with doing a breathing exercise, it is useful to incorporate mindfulness. For a simple mindfulness technique, find something to focus on. Bonus if it is something beautiful, like the leaves dancing in the breeze, but it can just be the pen sitting on your desk. Gently observe your environment without judgement. Pay close attention to the shape, the color, the way the light hits the item. Just focusing intently on something like this for a few minutes can rewire your thought pattern and over time can positively i

Pan Cooked Okra & How I Converted From An Okra Hater To An Okra Lover

Any OKRA lovers or haters out there?! I have been a fan of food and cooking for as long as I can remember. There are very few foods that I would admit to disliking. One of those foods used to be okra. I wasn’t really exposed to Okra until moving to Virginia for medical school. The first few times I tried it, it was pretty slimy. I decided that it was not for me, and that was that. This is an experience that I am excited to share, especially with my patients, because I want to share that I get what it feels like to think that your mind cannot be changed about what you eat or the way you eat. It wasn't until years later when I was first dating my Southern husband, that he convinced me to try o

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