Your Doctor's Thoughts On Intermittent Fasting

We hear a lot about fasting or intermittent fasting these days. Questions about fasting diets come up often in my practice. This and other supposedly “fad” diets are all over the media, but is this one truly a fad? I would argue that, no, it actually is not a fad. Fasting has been around since our early ancestors. Think about the early days of hunting and gathering. There would be long stretches of time between when these “cave men” and “cave women” would find his or her next meal, so our biology has developed with this way of eating. We also see fasting in many religions and spiritual practices. Additionally, the word breakfast, literally means to break a fast; we are technically fasting ov

My Twist On Our Family Recipe For Caldo Gallego

My last blog post was on how to make your own nourishing broth. The following recipe is a delicious way to put it to use. If you don’t have the time or have homemade broth on hand, store bought broth will also work. There are several high quality brands of bone broth or stock available now, always try to find organic. This recipe is my own take on Caldo Galego, which is a traditional soup from Galicia. It is also similar to Caldo Verde, which is the soup of close-by neighbor Portugal. My mom is from the beautiful Galicia region of Spain, and I feel lucky to have grown up learning about and eating my mom's Spanish and Portuguese influenced cooking. The photo of her and I was from a month long

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