April 26, 2016


As a physician, I have seen many of my own patients have seizures in the ER or in a hospital setting.  For the first time, I unfortunately witnessed my nephew experience a seizure this past weekend.  It brings a whole new light to what it means to being prepared and k...

April 19, 2016

Zinc is an essential mineral and one of the most important micronutrient deficiencies worldwide in addition to iron, iodine, and Vitamin A.  Good sources of zinc include meat, chicken, nuts and lentils. Even though many cereals are fortified with zinc, nearly ½ of adu...

April 12, 2016


The Zika Virus is a virus transmitted through mosquitoes which can cause fever, rash, joint pain and pink eye.  In most people, this illness is self-limiting with a duration of about one week and without long term consequences in most cases.  80% of infected people ha...

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