DirectMed has formed a new partnership with Liberty Direct, a non-profit medical cost-sharing program, which is a great way for individuals, couples, families and buisnesses to SAVE MONEY on healthcare costs.


Liberty Direct is a program of Liberty Healthshare which is a new alternative to health insurance that, in addition to being designed to compliment a practice like ours, is an equal or superior method of managing personal and family health expenses.


It is a government approved healthcare cost sharing program that is exempt from the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) mandate to purchase health insurance. So, if you and/or your family choose this option, you will not be subject to any IRS penalties. 


Patients are finding it to be incredibly valuable for two important reasons:


  • The monthly savings are very significant for a lot of people. The monthly costs are easy to understand, so you can quickly determine if you or your family would save money with this program. 










*Annual Unshared Amount (AUA): 
$500 for an individual | $1,000 for a couple | $1,500 for a family


  • Liberty Direct has approved DirectMed as a Premier Practice and will therefore subsidize our membership fees as follows:









As an individual member of our practice, this means your membership fee would drop to only $47 per month. We can offer even further discounts for couples, families and businesses. 


We strongly encourage you to look into this for yourself, your family and your employees. You may learn more and enroll online at If and when enrolling, simply SEND US YOUR MEMBER NUMBER as soon as you receive it from Liberty Healthshare and we will set up your first appointment. 


We hope this information is helpful to you! Contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.  

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