Drop the Stigma

Do you have trouble sleeping, experience mood fluctuations or generally feel anxious all the time? These can be symptoms of underlying mood disorders and can be treated if diagnosed properly. Don’t keep these symptoms hidden from your doctor. Be sure to mention any and all symptoms to your doctor so they can get you the right help you need to feel better and enjoy your life to the fullest. Much of our history has included social stigmas to psychiatric disease and disorders. Depression, anxiety, and Bipolar disorder are not only common but unfortunately conditions that are not openly talked about. The idea of getting help for such conditions are a taboo in certain cultures since they do not understand the underlying cause. Your primary care physician is a great resource for you if you happen to suffer from one of these conditions. A clinical psychologist is a provider that can spend the much needed time to provide counseling, therapy and help teach tools for coping and managing tough times. Psychiatrists are specialists that care for patients with severe symptoms or require certain medications. Both of these providers work with your primary doctor to coordinate care and treatment plans. Be sure to start the conversation with your primary doctor so you can get the help you need.

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