Let's Talk About Water Safety!

Swimming is personally my favorite outdoor activity. I’ve competed in swimming since the age of 6 and played water polo while in college. Whether at the neighborhood pool, a friend’s house or the local swim meet... water safety is important wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you are a proficient swimmer or novice, no one is 100% safe from the dangers that are associated with water activities. Here are some tips to remember and follow during this swim season:

  1. Never swim alone. It is especially important for kids to have an adult supervise them at all times. Many local pools do NOT have lifeguards. Therefore, it is necessary for an adult to watch their children and family members at all times while playing in the water.

  2. Swim skills. If you or your kids don’t know how to swim, now is the time to learn. Enroll in a swim school or take private lessons so you have the skills required to swim short and long distances. Even seasoned swimmers need to jump into the pool to keep up their stamina. Once you have learned proper technique, you won’t forget. However, regular swimming helps to maintain strength and endurance.

  3. Life jackets are a must for boating. If you and the family are out on a boat this season, be sure to wear appropriately sized life jackets while on a motorized boat or in open water. Floating down the river has unique dangers due to rip currents that can pull you under unexpectedly.

  4. Limit drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may be enjoyed in moderation. Over-consumption of alcohol with sun and water increase your risk for dehydration and drowning.

  5. CPR skills. You can never be too prepared. Contact your local American Red Cross to learn more about learning CPR and water rescue. You never know when your assistance may be needed to help save a life.

Always remember that drowning is silent and quick. Never take your eyes off of your kids while they are near or in water!

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