Can Having A Pet Really Help Keep Me Healthy?

Pets are fun for a lot of things. Swimming at the natural springs with your dog and having a furry friend to cozy up with on the couch during a rainstorm are just a few examples of how our pets can provide home safety, companionship and a workout partner all in one.

What about the less active pets? Do they bring anything to the table? Studies have shown that pets can help lower blood pressure, anxiety and even detect seizures. Simply stroking your cat or dog can lower blood pressure better than some commonly prescribed anti-hypertensive drugs.

The benefits of seeing eye dogs are obvious, but there are dogs being trained to to detect seizures and cancers. For those that are single or elderly, having an animal to care for can provide them with purpose and fulfillment.

Anxiety is a common condition that affects us all to a variable degree. Pets have proven to lower stress and anxiety in their owners. This is not only a big cost savings to therapy but also avoids all the potential side effects of medications to treat anxiety. The next time you feel stressed or your blood pressure climbs, be sure to take a moment to remember your four legged friends and let them do their job to take care of you!

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