FDA Bans 19 Chemicals Used In Antibacterial Soaps! How Do I Know If My Personal Care Products Are Sa

The FDA recently ruled against the use of antibacterial soaps that include one or more of the 19 ingredients that were deemed unsafe and ineffective suggesting they have no added benefits as compared to regular soap and water and may increase the risk of bacterial resistance and harmful effects from hormones.

For prevention of illness and infection in your home, it is recommended to use regular soap and running water. Healthcare and food industries, however, have exceptions to this new FDA ruling and certain antibacterial cleaners are still allowed.

The take home message is simple. Try to limit the toxic chemicals you bring into your home and put into your body. Use clean running water and regular soap to wash your hands and you can minimize exposure to dangerous chemicals and prevent disease.

To learn more, read articles from the FDA and search the EWG database to determine products which are safe for your family to use.

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