The Three Supplements Everyone Needs

I am a believer in supplements as part of a complete wellness routine and I recommend them to most of my patients. While eating a wide variety of nutrient dense foods and a “rainbow” of fruits and veggies is a great way to get vitamins and minerals, the truth is, it’s hard to get everything you need consistently. We have also seen a decrease in the amount of vitamins and minerals in our foods, partly due to soil depletion and farming practices, which makes it necessary to cover your bases with high quality supplements.

  1. High Quality Multi-Vitamin: Some things I look for in a multi-vitamin include making sure it is allergen-free and specifically gluten-free, uses organic ingredients if food based, and contains the bioavailable versions of vitamins like methylated B12 and methylated folate.

  2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids (DHA and EPA): the main source of these powerhouses are fish, so it is important that you use a brand that is 3rd party tested for mercury levels. Omega-3 can improve insulin sensitivity, decrease triglycerides, and has amazing effects on nerve and brain health.

  3. Vitamin D: So many of us are deficient in this vitamin. It is best to have your levels checked first to get on a personalized dose, but most individuals could use an extra 1000 IUs of vitamin D3. We, as modern day individuals, are inside so often that we are not getting enough of this sunshine vitamin. Even when we are outside, it is important to stay sun-safe to decrease

skin cancer risk, so we end up being deficient. Vitamin-D influences hundreds of genes, and can improve metabolism, mood, and bone health of course.

This is a great base for most of my patients, and beyond this, we will add personalized picks which may include support for thyroid or adrenal health, digestion, immune support, or other uncovered deficiencies. Work with a functional medicine physician to find out what your best supplement regimen may be!

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